Cadoha: The Family Behind the Photo

Written by David Levesque | 2024 Charter Issue

Our cover for this issue comes to us from Sailing Cadoha, by way of their runner-up status for Photo of the Year at the 2023 International Cruisers Awards in Annapolis. An incredibly gorgeous shot, and we’re stoked to have it as our cover for the May/June issue! Where was this taken? What was the inspiration? Who’s Hank? Let’s learn a little more about Sailing Cadoha and the backstory behind this epic photo.  

The Crew and Vessel

Sailing Cadoha is composed of Captain Carly (Ca), Deckhand Dominic (Do), and First Mate Hank (Ha), all hailing from the UK and from diverse backgrounds. Carly is from the south of England and the creative force on board. Dom, from remote southeast England is the adventuresome kind, and Hank, well, Hank is a Hungarian Vizsla from northern England and is the brains behind the operation, so let’s just get that out of the way…

The crew has spent the last 5 years exploring the stunning coast of the UK onboard their 38ft Trident Warrior floating home. Cadoha herself just hit 40 years young. Built in the UK by Trident Marine, she previously did a circumnavigation and hopes to do another with her current crew. 

The Photo

Whilst (I love UK speak…) living aboard full time, the crew started documenting all the beautiful anchorages they’ve explored and have all the info on their website for people to enjoy. And if you’re exploring the coastlines of Great Britain, this website by the way is a goldmine of incredible information on all the anchorages and hidden gems!

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