Basic Marine Weather Self-Reliance Course – Miami Boat Show


    8:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Full One-Day Basic Marine Weather Course

    in conjunction with the Miami Strictly Sail Boat Show
    Miramar 340 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami FL, 33132
    Holiday Inn Conference Room)
    February 17, 2013 8 am- 4 pm

    chesneauWhen you’re out there, you are on your own, trusting that you are prepared for the elements.  In this introduction toward marine weather self-reliance one-day course, begin the process to learn to be your own weather forecaster, how to interpret surface marine weather charts, where and how to get the essential information that will keep you safe and your vessel out of harm’s way. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join Lee Chesneau, University of Wisconsin (Madison) graduate and renowned marine meteorologist sharing his knowledge & expertise with you!

    Cruising Outpost is the official sponsor of Lee Chesneau.

    Lee is a highly seasoned professional meteorologist with experiences on land & at sea (with over 70,000 miles under his keel), a retired naval officer, accomplished marine weather forecaster, author, & dynamic instructor and lecturer.  He has an ongoing distinguished and unique 40-year career, during which he received a number of awards and recognition. Lee’s career includes service with the US Navy, the National Weather Service (NWS), & with the private sector (Oceanroutes, Inc.), specializing in commercial maritime weather forecasting & ship routing. This experience also extended to the US Navy’s war ships and merchant vessels under government contract, commercial fishing & to recreational cruising and sailboat racing.
    Lee will be giving a Basic Marine Weather Self-Reliance course at three of the up coming Boat shows that Bob and Jody and Cruising Outpost will be doing. This course is normaly $150  for 8hours, but he will be offering this course for a discounted price of $99.00.


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    1. Sounds like a great course, wish I could attend…

      Wish I would have had more training like that when I was working as a deckhand on merchant marine jobs because I had fun talking with the mates and captains about the weather conditions but I never really understood enough about high and low pressure systems to understand what they were telling me. Now that I studied it I know a little more like for example the low pressure is where there is potential for change and instability