boot Düsseldorf 2023


    01/21/2023 to 01/29/2023

    Over 1,000,000,000 Square Feet!

    10 miles of aisles!

    Sail / Power / Luxury / Inflatables

    Everything water related!

    Join Bob & Jody in Dusseldorf, Germany for the largest boat show in the world! Over 1 million square feet of indoor exhibit space with over 2,000 exhibitors from around the world and about 250,000 watersport enthusiasts.

    Here’s the deal: With a quarter million visitors, hotel rooms can be hard to come by, but we at Lats&Atts have made a deal with the show producers, and they are holding up to 12 rooms for our readers. You need to get there, and you pay for the reserved rooms, and once you are there you will get free passes to the show for as long as you stay, plus a welcome dinner and special Lats&Atts identification badges.

    The last time we had this event we had a dozen people show up, and one couple even bought a new 50’ catamaran while there!

    If you want to see and know what the biggest boat show in the world is like, join Bob & Jody in Dusseldorf Germany for this great event. Just email, and let him know you want to participate, and he will keep you up to date on what, where, and when we will be getting together!!