Lee Chesneau’s One-Day Basic Marine Weather Course (Miami, Feb 15)



    LeeChesneauWhen you’re out there, you are on your own, trusting that you are prepared for the elements.  In “Assessing Your Marine Weather Self Reliant Skills” seminar at Strictly Sail Miami, the full day course offering is designed to improve those skills.

    Summary of the one-day Introduction to “Basic Marine Weather” is an entry-level one-day course for attendees with little or no marine weather background. The course covers an introduction to 101 weather principles, the language of weather (specifically important definitions), common surface weather systems and their features (e.g., lows, highs, fronts, troughs & ridges), the typical weather symbols commonly found on surface pressure weather charts; what goes into a human intelligence originated forecast, and finally how to document and verify all surface  weather forecasts for confidence building; and learning to become self-reliant in your own marine weather forecasting skills. There will also be a very brief introduction on weather communications at sea.

    This one-day special costs only $99.00 per person (normally $195.00).
    An interactive note taking guide will be offered separately at $20.00 which covers all the graphics covered in class.

    Whether coastal cruising in Tampa Bay or Biscayne Bay or   cruising to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, or even further offshore to other shores, do not miss this opportunity to learn what it means to become self-reliant in marine weather and forecasting