Seattle Boat Show


    01/24/2014 to 02/02/2014

    Bob Bitchin Speaking Thursday, January 30th.

    The Seattle Boat Show SeattleBoatShow There will be seminars including one by Bob Bitchin Thursday January 30th. This show is indoors at CenturyLink Field, plus afloat on South Lake Union.

    Bob Bitchin speaks on January 30th. Initially the date was incorrect. Bob will be speaking on Thursday, January 30th –
    Thursday Night Headliner – Bob Bitchin speaks at 6pm
    Where? At the boat show of course, in the main building.

    Also visit Cruising Outpost and get your magazine subscription at Booth #East 521


    1. January 20th? Seattle Boat Show starts on the 24th. Perhaps we could find a compatible date. As an avid follower of Cruising Outpost and Lats & Atts, before as well as a member of the Founders Circle I would like a chance to meet the crew but I had planned to attend the show sometime between the 24th and February 2. Any chance?

    2. I have to agree with James. I had read elsewhere Bob would be at the show on 30th, so have made plans to be there that day. Is this a typo. I can't say I joined as a Founder just to Meet Bob, but I would really like to. Let us know what the real time will be please.