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The Share the Sail team for an exciting 7-day charter throughout the Abaco Islands with Navigare Yachting. The Abacos have been The Bahamas’ boating capital since colonial times, and whether you are a sailing purist, willing to tack until the last gasp of wind, or just a sun worshiper joining the adventure to relax and explore with fins and snorkel, this is your paradise. The Navigare base is located in Marsh Harbor, right next to the Abaco Beach Resort, only 10 minutes from the Leonard Thompson Airport.

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*Price includes: Provisioning for Breakfast, Snack and Lunch; Entertainment; Happy Hour Party; Welcome Dinner; Swag Bag filled with gear and gifts and of course lots of fun with the Bob and Jody crew. Please note this price does not include a captain. Single cabin occupancy available, please contact us for pricing. Other taxes & fees may apply.


Saturday 11/4 – Marsh Harbour

About Marsh Harbour: 

The largest town in the Abacos, and the third largest in The Bahamas, Marsh Harbour has restaurants, hotels, supermarkets for provisioning, and several marinas. 

Sunday 11/5 – Hope Town

About Hope Town:

Hope Town has a diverse cultural history including the Wyannie Malone Museum, island gift shops, and restaurants. Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation around the island. Hope Town was devastated by Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and has mostly rebuilt. Some highlights include the Firefly Resort, which has been rebuilt and has a great restaurant. Cap’n Jacks and On Da’ Beach are also favorites. 

Monday 11/6 – Man-O-War Cay

About Man-O-War Cay:

Known as the boat building capital of the Bahamas, the Albury Family are still in the boat building business today. Exploring the village on foot takes you into unique ships and casual restaurants. The white sand beaches on the Atlantic side are worth visiting as well.  

Tuesday 11/7 – Great Guana Cay

About Great Guana Cay:

 Great Guana Cay, an extremely scenic island, is known for stunning white sand beaches and fun lively restaurants like Nippers and Grabbers. 

Wednesday 11/8 – No Name Cay to Green Turtle Cay

About Green Turtle Cay:

New Plymouth is a quaint village on Green Turtle and is known as a classic Bahamian village with narrow streets and brightly painted houses. It is known for shops, restaurants, and historic sites. The best harbors are New Plymouth and White Sound. 

Thursday 11/9 – Green Turtle Cay

Friday 11/10 – Elbow Cay

About Elbow Cay:

Elbow Cay has a lot to offer cruisers including Tahiti Beach, a highlight of the trip with a great anchorage and access to a sand bar and beach.  

Saturday 11/11 – Return to base – Marsh Harbour