Three Sheets Podcast

Three Sheets Podcast is an exciting voyage into the world of sailing. Join the hosts, Erik Kyle and David Levesque, as they talk to cruisers all over the world about their captivating stories and showcase remarkable sailing adventures. Discover the vibrant sailing community and get inspired to set sail on your own maritime journey. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone captivated by the thrill of the open seas and the allure of sailing.

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Video Version

Nomad Citizen: One Cat, Two Kids

Mermaid Monster: Navigating Family Life on the Water

Mom with a Map: Living a Nomadic Life on the Water

Sailing Catalpa: Surfing and Aerial Hooping with Teens Aboard

SV Avocet: Sailing with Marissa and Chris Neely

Beyond the Horizon: Tales from the Panama Posse

Uncharted Waters with Bob Bitchin’: Sailing Through Life’s Adventures

Lauren Landers: Deep Dives and Open Seas