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Stonewitch Sailing Vessel

Doldrums Passage

We left the Lahina anchorage bound for Micronisia on 'Stone Witch', a two thousand mile passge. There were eight of us aboard, somewhat of...

Howling South: A No-Turning-Back Sail To The Dry Tortugas

“Yeah, I don’t even look anymore.” Bill says as he sees the look on my face. He understands my shocked, wide-eyed expression as “Holy crap...

17th-Century Coins Found in Rhode Island Orchard May Solve a 300-Year-Old...

Amateur historian Jim Bailey was mystified by the Arabic writing on the discovered loot

Sea Shanties Are A Thing – Again

Who in the wide world of the web knows what fuels the latest trends across the internet, but Sea Shanties are now a thing...

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