Charter 101 – Getting Started to Getting Out There

Written by David Levesque with input from The Moorings & Horizon Yacht Charters | 2024 Charter Issue

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the inaugural Lats & Atts Charter Issue! We’re hoping to make this an annual thing so bear with us as we get it off the ground floor…There’s just so much to discuss regarding charters, but where to begin? We know many of our readers have chartered, do charter, are chartering, etc. We also know many readers haven’t yet dipped their toes in the charter waters and may have questions. It would also seem there’s no better way to get bitten by the cruising bug, if not already bitten, than to hop on a charter and set sail! With charter costs starting around $5000/week for a bareboat, chartering has become an incredibly affordable vacation for many couples, families or groups of friends! Seems the most popular cruising grounds to start looking at charters is the BVI right? We’re going to kick this off by including some information on just how to go about doing a charter if you haven’t before, with a little help from our friends at Horizon Yacht Charters & The Moorings. Enjoy!

From Sofia Fay, Horizon Yacht Charters

There’s something wonderfully contradictory in the love of sailing – the solitude and the company. It’s one of the few experiences that can be enjoyed solo as well as with others who don’t necessarily share the same passion or skill set. Sailing is a versatile experience that ticks the boxes for anyone who enjoys vacations and adventures.

Now, whether you’re the Captain of your own boat, or have been sailing since forever, or recently decided that sailing is a sport you want to master, at some point, you will think about chartering and exploring new destinations. Chartering options come as bareboat, skippered, learn-to-sail or luxury crewed. For now, we’ll keep our focus on bareboat with a word on acquiring sailing skills and experience with ASA certification on a liveaboard learn to sail charter.

With so many places to choose from, deciding where to go will come down to some key criteria. Ideally, the destination shouldn’t require a back breaking journey, boasts weather that’s warm and breezy, includes a seascape that’s a visual delight, waters which are a sheer pleasure to navigate and comes with a bounty of bays, cays and beaches to explore. Places with spectacular hiking, snorkeling and diving are good to add to the list. The key to success is finding and working with a reputable charter operator that’s going to make it all happen smoothly and happily.

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