Cruising Hobbies Underway

While I was working in corporate America, raising a family, and planning to sail away one day, I never found time for a hobby.

I always felt that a creative outlet was missing during that chapter of my life. So, when I finally threw the lines and set sail, I was grateful to be twice rewarded with a burst of creative inspiration while sailing. I now had time on my hands and was surprised by all the ideas and artistic outlets available to me; the only constraint I had was space onboard.

My first creative project was using silicone molds used in candy making that I poured epoxy and coloring into to make turtle pendants for jewelry. In any given anchorage, I am keen to get a few of the ladies aboard Shenemere for an afternoon of jewelry making – with wine, of course. It is a great way for the ladies to get a “boat break” and meet kindred spirits on the water. Through these creative sessions onboard, I learned about the neat hobbies others do while cruising. I also had many opportunities during my travels to learn new skills from the collective community of cruisers that are generous to share their knowledge.

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