Golden Globe Retro Race – Kirsten Makes History with Her Win!


Even before crossing the finish line, becoming the first woman to win the incredibly challenging Golden Globe round-the-world solo race, Kirsten Neuschäfer already made history and won the hearts of so many. Kirsten was one of 16 competitors who set out in early September 2022 from the coast of France in the 30,000-nautical mile Golden Globe “retro” race, rounding the three great capes. She made history during the journey as the first woman to round Cape Horn at the head of this legendary solo circumnavigational race. They call it a “retro” race in that just like the original in 1968, all technology, including GPS, is left behind. Competitors were also on a retro boat no longer than 36’. Again, no GPS, no sat phone, no engine and no radio contact with anyone other than race officials. Making her journey even more remarkable was the fact she veered off course in the Pacific, rescued a stranded competitor,shared a bit of rum before safely delivering him to a freighter and continued on her way.  She passed the calmer times reading andlistening to cassette tapes, as no computers were allowed and dealt with a broken spinnaker pole, numerous storms and having to clean her hull while underway in the middle of the ocean. Upon finishing she really just wanted to have some ice cream. Kirsten, we would gladly buy a round of frozen treats along with a fresh bottle of rum to top it off. Simply incredible. Well done!

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