Rebuilding a Tayana 37

There are many ways to get to the boat of your dreams. I have tried them all!

One of my projects was a Bruce Roberts Design, a Roberts 36 foot full keel blue water cruiser built from a set of plans that took over 18 years. I don’t recommend that for the faint of heart. If you ever hear me say I want to build another boat, please get me some therapy! After Hurricane Michael destroyed Jammin, I was boatless.  I found that after a hurricane, some insurance companies auction off boats that can be restored. That’s where I discovered the Tayana 37. Upon a hill the ladies sat, all looking for a new Captain to take them home. There sat a Tayana 37!

It was love at first sight!  If you’re a sailor, this is a sailor’s sailboat! Her lines said she knew how to handle blue water. Damn, she looked good!  She was as nautical as nautical gets!  On deck, she had teak decks! I always wanted teak decks!  She was a ketch, and both sticks were lying across her deck along with all her standing rigging and sails. Lots of wooden blocks and a bowsprit! I had died and gone to heaven. Her stanchions were twisted and mangled.  Her lifelines were shredded, and the cap rail was mangled.  The stanchions and lifelines are easily purchased and replaced. You could tell she had been in a fight for her life.

Read the FULL STORY and see more great photos – click here!

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