Sustainable Luxury in Costa Rica

Words by Tabitha Lipkin

Found in the 2024 Spring Issue

It’s so rare that I start to write an article and I’m unsure of where to begin because I experienced something truly remarkable. But this is one of those moments. I recently returned from a trip that changed the way I saw tourism in Costa Rica…and it was so incredible, I had to share with you all.

If you didn’t know, I have been living in San José, Costa Rica for the past year. Getting to explore the country by car, boat, plane, and the occasional bus from coast to coast… Loving every minute of the adventure. However, recently I got to truly experience the rainforest of Costa Rica in a way I didn’t know was still accessible in the country. 

Costa Rica is known for tourism. And anyone who’s been here knows that country caters to westerners because of the variety of experiences you can find in the country, the safety of the country, and their slogans for eco-friendly holidays. But I went to a place that really differentiated itself from everything else I have experienced while living here. 

Cielo Lodge is situated in Golfito, Costa Rica. A little town that exists because it was once home to the largest banana exporter in the country. Fast forward to today and it’s known as a deep-water port, and the place locals can go to “buy electronics”… WHAT? I’ll come back to that—- but for now let me share with you the first truly eco-friendly stay I experienced in Costa Rica. 

You can sail into Golfito, but coming from the city, I decided to take the flight that will have you gripping the side of your seat in the little 10-seater-hopper plane from San José. You’re first greeted with “WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, PULL UP!” From the airplane as it makes a sharp turn into a little runway next to the side of some large and beautiful green hills situated by the beach. This heart stopping moment can be avoided if you decide to sail in… (It’s really not that bad, but funny the first time you experience it)……



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