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From the blue and green of Puget Sound and Seattle, through the Salish Sea and along the Inside Passage through to Juneau, Alaska and Glacier Bay, lies a world of discovery, and a lifetime’s worth of memories; just don’t expect to be satisfied after one season.

Almost 1000 nautical miles long, this passage works its way through bustling picturesque coastal cities, dense rain forests, quaint island communities, and remote anchorages. With deep fjords into the mountainous landscape, the coastal waters of British Columbia (BC) provide a unique cruising destination, teeming with adventure.

Although the adventure of the Pacific Northwest is the leading draw for boaters everywhere, the waters for the most part are extremely safe, with less than 6% of the Inside Passage being unprotected. On the southern border of British Columbia is Vancouver, a coastal metropolis offering a variety of marinas, fine dining, and entertainment under the picturesque backdrop of Lions Gate Bridge and the Coastal Mountain Range.

With year-round cruising both here and the Southern Gulf Islands, the small trip through Burrard Inlet and up Indian Arm is the perfect representation of the diversity that the entire 500-nautical mile British Columbia coastline has to offer. This amazing day trip provides a unique experience as you leave behind the busy waters of one of the world’s busiest ports to the remote wilderness of a waterway only accessible by boat, all in just 10 nautical miles.

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